Lilou: Reppin’ B-Boy Style

Anyone who says Muslims are stiffs must not have seen Lilou, the French-Algerian Muslim champion B-boy (breakdancer). Lilou, whose real name is Ali Ramdani, is a two time winner of the Red Bull BC One competition, having won in 2005 and 2009.  He has also won the 2003 Battle of the Year with his Pockemon Crew.  Lilou was featured in the movie Turn it Loose.  He also appeared on the Chemical Brothers’ 2010 video ‘Midnight Madness.’ 

Lilou is not only a break dancer, but a breaker of sterotypes.  True to his b-boy style, Lilou isn’t shy about his being a Muslim.  Many of his t-shirts have messages such as “I’m Muslim don’t panick” or “I’m Muslim every day” plastered on them.  As a champion breakdancer with huge audiences watching his breath taking moves, upbeat style and loud shirts – his impact is in your face. 

Lilou’s Red Bull page can be seen here and his Pokemon crew’s site is here.  His feature page for the movie Turn it Loose can be seen here
Special shout to Faiz and Adnan for telling us about him.

Lilou breakdances while donning his signature "I'm Muslim don't panic" t-shirt

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