New Movie about Islamic Art debuts for 2012

A new documentary entitled Islamic Art, Mirror of the Invisible World will be broadcast at a date to be decided later this year on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service).

Islamic Art, Mirror of the Invisible World is the latest in a line of quality films such as Muhammad, Legacy of a Prophet and Prince Among Slaves produced by Unity Productions Foundation (UPF).   According to the UPF website, the documentary ” takes audiences on an epic journey across nine countries and over 1,400 years of history. It explores themes such as the Word, Space, Ornament, Color and Water and presents the stories behind many great masterworks of Islamic Art and Architecture.”


Unity Productions Foundation film company  is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 by Alex Kronemer and Michael Wolfe with the objective of creating “peace through the media.”  Kronemer and Michael Wolfe produced the film with Rob Gardner as producer.  It features Academy-Award winner Susan Sarandon as the narrator who guides the viewer on a journey towards understanding Islamic art, its origins, inspirations, legacy and transcendental qualities.

Film Image from Islamic Art, Mirror of the Invisible World. Photo Credit: Gardner Films

The viewing experience attempted to be provided to the audience, according to Kronemer, is one which gives justice to “the whole breadth and depth of Islamic civilization.”  As Kronemer stated in an earlier interview, “When you take such an approach, you’re kind of reminded that the conflicts and the tensions that consume a particular time or place in history tend to be forgotten, and what remains, what endures, are the cultural productions.”

The documentary attempts to give greater awareness of the cultural contributions of an Islamic society whose image has been muddied in the West.  According to Kronemer, “Islam has become a caricature.  It is a caricature of [ticked-off] people who are just angry at the West and that’s it, that’s all we need to know.  But there are many different colored threads in the tapestry of Islamic identity, which Kronemer believes the film will show: “Besides the fact that there’s so much contemporary evidence to the contrary, the Islamic world is so large and so diverse, and I think that this film really shows the sensitivity and the sensuality that is a very big part of the Islamic story and serves in some ways to rebut the caricatures.”

You can see when Islamic Art, Mirror of the Invisible World will be showing by visiting the UPF website at .

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