NFL: Mohamed Sanu Drafted By Cincinnati Bengals

Growing up, his dream was to one day play in the NFL – and with stats like he had in 2011 as a stand-out wide receiver and leader on the Rutgers Scarlet Knights (115 receptions, 1,206 yards, 7 touchdowns) that dream was not far from reality.  So when he received a call from a known phone number stating he had been drafted number 27 by The Cincinnati Bengals, he had no reason not to believe it.  Upon finding out that it was a hoax, Sanu was devastated but never lost his composure… and was eventually picked by the Bengals with the 83rd pick in the 3rd round.  You can watch ESPN’s coverage of Sanu’s draft here and also here.

Sanu, originally from New Jersey, also spent time in his parents’ native Sierra Leone as a child.  Returning to New Jersey in 2009, Sanu dedicated himself to school and sports.  His college career was marked by many accomplishments.  He was the first true freshman to start as wide receiver under Coach Greg Schiano, who now coaches the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  He won the MVP award at the 2009 St. Petersburg Bowl and twice broke Big East records for catches in a game.  In 2011, Sanu broke the Big East single-season reception record with 115 receptions, a record previously held by Larry Fitzgerald.

Even prior to his being drafted by the Bengals, much praise was given to Sanu for his excellent attitude and work ethic.  As reported by The Daily Targum, senior wide receiver Mark Harrison said “He came out to be one of the greatest.  I feel like he has the ability to be anywhere on the field at any time.”  At Rutgers, Sanu averaged 92.5 yards per game and made it look easy.

We look forward to seeing Sanu win on and off the field as a great wide-receiver and role model.