Surely everything has a heart, and the heart of the Qur’an is Yasin. I
would love that it be in the heart of every person of my people.’

Like the heart is to the human body, Surah Yasin carries the essential pulse of the Qur’an, affirming the central foundations of faith. It shakes the hearts with proofs of the Oneness of Allah, the Prophethood of Rasulallah (Peace Be Upon Him and His Family), and vivid reminders of the Hereafter.

The recitation and reflection of the Qur’an with our families is a way to become closer to Allah, and it can bring spritual life and light back to our homes. Seek blessings for your household by joining Al-Madina Institute with your family in a recitation of Surah Yasin in our “National Yasin Recital” free teleconference call, to be followed by a reminder of its merits by Ustadh Moutasem Atiya.

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