“Kabhi Ae Haqiqat e Muntazir” by Sir Muhammad Allama Iqbal

It is my honor to share with you a recording of my father, Muhammad Safdar, singing religious poetry by Sir Muhammad Allama Iqbal. The recording is from the late 1970s, and was on the occasion of the birthday of my brother, Nabile. It was recorded on tape.

You can read more about Sir Muhammad Allama Iqbal at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_Iqbal.

An english translation of “Kabhi Ae Haqiqat Ae Muntazir” can be found here.

(Bang-e-Dra-169) Kabhi Ae Haqiqat-e-Muntazir ! Nazar Aa Libas-e-Mijaaz Mein

Kabhi Ae Haqiqat-e-Muntazir! Nazar Aa Libas-e-Majaz Mein
Ke Hazar Sajde Tarap Rahe Hain Meri Jabeen-e-Niaz Mein

For once, O awaited Reality, reveal Yourself in a form material,
For a thousand prostrations are quivering eagerly in my submissive brow.

Tarb Ashnaye Kharosh Ho, Tu Nawa Hai Mehram-e-Gosh Ho
Woh Surood Kya Ke Chupa Huwa Ho Sakoot-e-Parda-e-Saaz Mein

Know the pleasure of tumult: thou art a tune consort with the ear!
What is that melody worth, which hides itself in the silent chords of the harp.

Tu Bacha Bacha Ke Na Rakh Isse, Tera Aaeena Hai Woh Aaeena
Ke Shikast Ho To Aziz Tar Hai Nigah-e-Aaeena Saaz Mein

Do not try to protect them, your mirror is the mirror
Which would be dearer in the Maker’s eye if they broken are

Dam-e-Tof Karmak-e-Shama Ne Ye Kaha Ke Woh Asar-e-Kuhan
Na Teri Hikayat-e-Souz Mein, Na Meri Hadees-e-Gudaz Mein

During circumambulation the moth exclaimed, “Those past effects
Neither in your story of pathos, nor in my tale of love are”

Na Kaheen Jahan Mein Aman Mili, Jo Aman Mili To Kahan Mili
Mere Jurm-e-Khana Kharab Ko Tere Ufuw-e-Banda Nawaz Mein

My dark misdeeds found no refuge in the wide world—
The only refuge they found was in Your Gracious Forgiveness

Na Woh Ishq Mein Raheen Garmiyaan, Na Woh Husn Mein Raheen Shaukiyan
Na Woh Ghaznavi Mein Tarap Rahi, Na Kham Hai Zulf-e-Ayaz Mein

Neither love has that warmth, nor beauty has that humour
Neither that restlessness in Ghaznavi nor those curls in the hair locks of Ayaz are,

Jo Mein Sar Basajda Huwa Kabhi To Zameen Se Ane Lagi Sada
Tera Dil To Hai Sanam Ashna, Tujhe Kya Mile Ga Namaz Mein

Even as I laid down my head in prostration a cry arose from the ground:
Your heart is in materialism, no rewards for your prayers are.

Thanks for viewing. May Allah bless you.

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