Kun Faya Kun: An Inspirational Story for Kids

Dear Friends – Salam,

I hope this reaches you in the best of spirits and health.  Please take a moment to download my new children’s book, Kun Faya Kun – for free tomorrow, May 3rd.
Kun Faya Kun is a fun story about a caterpillar named Khadija and a wise baboon named Baraka.  Kun Faya Kun is written from the Islamic spiritual point of view.

The main themes of Kun Faya Kun are having faith in Allah, knowing Allah by knowing oneself, having faith in yourself and asking Allah for His help. The story traces Khadija’s transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Please download or read Kun Faya Kun free tomorrow, May 3rd, 2013 from the following link: http://www.amazon.com/Kun-Faya-ebook/dp/B00CL3T5P0 .  If you would like a version that your kids can hold in their hands, please use the following link: https://www.createspace.com/4265839 for $7.99.
I appreciate your kind feedback and spreading the word to your friends.  Peace be with you.

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