What Happy Should Have Said…

Some people say that Happy Gilmore was a hilarious movie.  Some people say it had a lot of funny scenes, especially the one where Happy rhymed.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out below (warning: it does contain some mild profanity, so if you’re a kid, please don’t watch this link, its really not that funny):

Now what if I told you that’s not how the script originally looked?  What if I told you that it was changed, yes changed, from what it originally was?  You’d be incredulous, right?  Me, too!

The question is, what were those original lines?

Well don’t worry, I have what was supposed to be originally said and I’m going to share it with you now.

Ready to be among the first eyes to ever see what Happy was really supposed to say?  Here we go!

[Indoors. Happy and Shooter smiling while sitting on stools.]

Shooter: Puts down his drink and places his arm around his buddy, Happy.

Shooter:  Happy, I really enjoy your presence on the pro golf circuit.

Although at times I find your style a bit simple, I do at other times find it refreshing.

Happy:    Ditto, Shooter.  You’re the bee’s knees.  Believe what I say.

Shooter:  Thanks Happy.  Now I don’t feel so grey!

Happy:    Thats great, and its Friday, my favorite day

Before we leave I have just one thing to say

You’re truly a miracle of Allah in every way

Shooter:   Thanks, Happy. Please let me pay.

Happy:     Well, then, let me leave the tip:  Download my free e-book, Kun Faya Kun, today!

Or at least thats how I would have written the scene.

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I appreciate your kind feedback and spreading the word to your friends.

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