Ghuydar: “The Syrian American Sinatra,” Irfan Aziz Feeds The Poor, Somair Alam’s Quest, Faiz Safdar & RJ Cafe!


When Moutasem Atiya and his dedicated group at Al-Madina Institute put their stamp of approval on something, it is usually because it is quality.  So when Al-Madina recently introduced Nasheed artist Ghuydar Bashmaf through their website,, it was a good indication of the bright future Ghuydar’s singing career will have, with God’s help.

Ghuydar is a Syrian American singer who migrated to America in his early childhood.  Ghuydar comes from Aleppo, Syria, renown for its musical heritage.  According to his website,, Ghuydar is influenced by Arabic, Circassian, and Turkish musical traditions, and he sings in these languages as well.  Ghuydar is formerly of the musical nasheed group ‘Travelers,’ which was well known in the New York scene.  He is currently #2 on the AwakeningTalent contest on Youtube, and you can support him by liking his video below on youtube or on

This dude can sing!

Best of luck to Ghuydar!  The hype is buzzing on when his album is coming out!

Also, some other noteworthy items of note from around the area:

  • Irfan Aziz, a certified chaplain, has been holding it down with feeding our needy brothers and sisters in the DC area at The Central Union Mission.  You can read more about Irfan’s noble efforts here. It is once a month, and if you are interested in volunteering your time, money, or food, please contact Irfan directly @ or call  347.401.8546.  A man asked Allah’s Messenger, “Which act in Islam is the best?” He replied, “To feed (the poor and the needy) and to greet everyone, whether you are acquainted with them or not.” (Bukhari & Muslim)
  • Somair Alam, a native of Virginia, is gearing up to compete in his first bodybuilding competition in New York, NY this June.  Please show him support by visiting his site,, or finding him on Facebook.  The guy is beast.
  • Congratulations to my younger brother, Faiz Safdar, for becoming Security + and CCA Xenapp 6.5 certified.  Microsoft, Google & Apple, holla back!  Doing big things bro! You can send him your offers at Faiz Safdar’s LinkedIn page.
  • Finally, although I hit the gym, I can’t forget about Chubby Cheemy’s Chunky Monkey Sauce.  As requested, this is a public service announcement to let all you halal burger, wings and steak fans know that RJ Cafe is open on Sundays from 11AM to 9PM.  This restaurant is conveniently located in Beltsville, MD and provides a friendly family environment for you and your friends to enjoy the best Americana food around. Check out RJ Cafe onlineBooyah!

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