Call to Prayer

Muezzin Makes Prayer Call

Oh Saleem, do you ever ponder the azhan you adore?

It is the divinely inspired words of Bilal, the beloved of the beloved,
the freed slave who became the first official muezzin.
Bilal was freed and so was his voice,
but who will free you from your slavery to choice?
Who will save you from your self righteous ways?
Who will save you from the lust in your gaze?
No one will save you,
save yourself.
Free yourself from your self, and seek truth.
For righteousness is not in facing east or west
or in your appearance and dressing the best.
It is in freeing the bondsman and feeding the poor!
It is in helping innocent victims of war!
It is slaking the thirst of the thirsty wayfarer
and showing the orphan that you really care!
Look beyond the words into the depths of their soul
And humble yourself before the Creator of the Worlds.

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