Pakistani Fashion by Junaid Jamshed


It’s the first time I’m ever recommending a product line on MeccaStars but rest assured that the product I am recommending is one you will be fully satisfied with.

If you know any Indian, Pakistani or Bengali people (basically anyone from South Asia) you may at some point have to attend an event such as a party or a function where people will be dressed in South Asian garb.  For men, that usually consists of an outfit called a shalwar kameez (loose pant and shirt).

Even if you don’t have a special occasion to attend, shalwar kameez are extremely comfortable as casual wear, to lounge around in on a lazy afternoon in the comfort of your own home.  I promise once you try on your first shalwar kameez, you will know what it means to be able to breathe again!

Shalwar Kameezes can range from casual to formal and everything in between.  I’ve also seen some people wear the top (a kameez) with jeans, and it doesn’t look bad.  Anyway, regardless of how you wear it – it always looks better when you wear something you know was made of high quality craftsmanship.

It’s for this reason that I recommend you try out Junaid Jamshed’s line of shalwar kameez.  It is well known that Pakistani tailors are some of the best in the world.  Many people in the fashion know go to Pakistan to get their clothes tailored by tailors who have grown up in families whose legacy has been crafting the best clothing money can buy.  Pakistan’s textile industry has always been a boon to its economy, and as a result Pakistan enjoys one of the most active and vibrant fashion industries in the world.  In Pakistan’s highly competitive fashion world, Junaid Jamshed has carved a distinct and reputable name for himself and his brand.  A former Pakistani rock star of the famous Vital Signs, Jamshed translated his passion in perfecting his musical craft into expert skills in clothing design.  His sense of aesthetics and practicality balance out nicely in his line of clothing for men.  Please check out Junaid Jamshed’s line of clothing, perfume and other items at  Thanks!

The Named Angels | Mohammed Fairouz


The Named Angels | Mohammed Fairouz.

The above link is an article on a new string quartet by Mohammed Fairouz. You can purchase tickets for his upcoming show in NYC on September 6th here:


Mohammed Fairouz, one of New York’s brightest rising stars, curates an evening of chamber and vocal music by a diverse group of his colleagues bringing together some of city’s most notable and well-loved performers with some of the most distinctive musical voices of the young generation.

From re-imaginings of Middle Eastern folklore and ancient Chinese fragments to remixes of Disney classics and a new anthem for a forgotten Haitian Island, THE NAMED ANGELS is a rich evening of new works spanning cultures and centuries from a vibrant collection of composers.

Clarinetist David Krakauer performs Mohammed Fairouz’s tender and dark Tahwidah joined by soprano Amelia Watkins. This work was Fairouz’s first reaction to the death of the eminent poet Mahmoud Darwish and sets one of Darwish’s poems that evokes a mother singing a lullaby to her son at his funeral.

Kathleen Supove will play a selection of Fairouz’s piano miniatures including Lullaby for a Chelsea Boy,Liberace and Bargemusic. She’ll also present Matt Marks’ wittily tongue-in-cheek Disney Remixes. These cleverly-spun pieces recall scenes from Disney Movies: The Little MermaidBeauty and the Beast and Aladdin. Another of New York’s most loved pianists, Taka Kigawa , will join the iconic Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) in a performance of Simone and Navassa’s National Anthem. The composer himself will perform the violin part.

Cellist Adrian Daurov performs Du Yun’s San, a deconstruction of haunting ancient Chinese fragments.

The amazing Voxare String Quartet closes the show with Mohammed Fairouz’s string quartet, The Named Angels; a work that invokes the mythology of angels in Middle Eastern Jewish, Christian and Muslim folklore.

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Shakespeare and The Squirrel


You said “Love is not love

Which alters when it alteration finds.”

Well, I hope you don’t mind

If you let me speak a little of my mind

on the subject.

I realize I look suspect,

But it really isn’t how it looks,

And I promise I am no crook.

Plus, I am really no fool,

Although sometimes I babble like a brook.

You see, last night, I saw an amazing feat:

It was a squirrel who ran under my feet!

She had a bushy tail and as she ran it whirled,

And in her mouth was a necklace of pearls!

Well, gosh darn! golly gee!

You can just imagine what came over me!

I was astonished at what I just saw

and turned around in even greater awe

to find, in front of me, an older lady

who was running around acting crazy,

screaming about the rascally vermin

who just now ran past!

I was aghast, but I felt the need to do something.

So I just started running

after the squirrel with the lady behind me

when the squirrel jumped up a big oak tree.

Up the tree the little thief shimmied

I pleaded with it regarding the necklace: “Gimme!”

But the squirrel had plans of its own,

I guess even squirrels like to decorate their home.

So I almost gave up, but the sight of the lady,

Behind me sort of scared me,

So I did what every little boy does:

I began to climb the tree that was covered with fuzz.

It was green and slippery, maybe it was moss,

But I was determined to show this furry fiend who was boss

So I climbed and climbed till I was so high

I saw an eagle flying close by.

Thats when I saw the squirrel, who calmly said,

“Aren’t you afraid of falling on your head?”

To which I replied, with as much courage as I could muster

“Look, give the lady back her pearls, Buster.”

At which the Squirrel did a little dance and said “Catch!”

As she tossed the pearl necklace onto the grass.

I reached for the necklace, but miscalculated.

All I remember was the way the world gyrated,

And that’s why my clothes are green and torn,

And that’s why you found me in a stupor on the lawn.

What happened to the lady? I think she left;

Her hubby was a real estate tycoon out West.

But the squirrel, I’m sure she’s still there

Stirring up mischief, without a care,

But I brought you fro yo and a true story, my dear,

So unless you’re going to help me catch a squirrel,

or ice my red, sore, rear:

Please stop quoting me Shakespeare.


Squirrelly likes honey glazed peanuts.

Squirrelly likes honey glazed peanuts.

Mi Corazon

calvin_ burp

Mi Corazon – Upon your big brown eyes

I swear, I sincerely apologize

For being so burpy.

You see – I was very thirsty

And it was not without reason

For I was working in the hot season:

Working the ground till my muscles hurt;

Working the field till my arms ached.

So forgive me, mi corazon, for heaven’s sake

I had no choice but to slake

My dry, thirsty, parched throat

With some fizzly, bubbly, refreshing coke.

You see, my dear, it should be clear –

You see, my love, it really is true:

My heart, my hard work, and my burps are for you!

A Mi Bella Esposa


A Mi Bella Esposa:

Look at what I brought home for you

A rainbow – all it’s colors true.

God’s gift of mercy after the rain,

A promise of relief after pain.

Look at how it shines bright for you

Against a cloud covered sky blue.

I followed its magnificent hues

And I found a true treasure in you.

Weight Routine “24’s” with Terry Crews

The Prophet (s) said,  “The strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer, while there is good in both.”

See: IslamicWorkplace.  Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit. 

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

Here are some more quotes for healthy living: .