Samy Goes to the Masjid

praying with pops

Samy Goes to the Masjid


I am Samy,  Samy am I.

I am the apple of my parents eye.

One day I was playing, happy as could be

When Daddy said, “Come to the masjid with me.”


So I put on my shoes and off we went.

I sat on Dad’s bike and he pedaled fast,

Cars wizzed by and the road bent,

Until we reached the masjid at last.


We parked the bike and I was in awe.

This was the best masjid I ever saw.

Of course it was also my first,

Or first that I could remember, since I was only three

And I didn’t remember much, honestly.


But I remember this day, as it was really great.

My dad’s friends all said “salam” by the gate.

They were all nice, and some had kids too:

Big ones, little ones, happy and crying babies too,

Round ones, skinny ones, some tall and some short,

Some in shalwar kameez, some in suits, some in dresses or long skirts.


The masjid was impressive

It was big and beautiful too.

It had a big dome and minarets

And an archway people walked through.


There were grandmas, mommas, and young girls with hats

There were men with beards of all types –

Some were fluffy, others stringy, and some like mats

And some had none at all – and that was alright.


There were some clean shaven

And some whose beards were shaped up tight

And some with moustaches that looked funny


Some called each other “brother” and “sister”

And some called me “sonny”

And I heard one uncle call his wife “honey.”


We walked on the path

And I took giant steps over the cracks

While talked to my Dad

About possibly having ice cream on the way back.


When we entered the hall

Our ears were delighted.

A man sang the azhan

And our hearts were invited.


The masjid was beautiful.

It had art and a chandelier

But what made it special was the feeling that Allah was near


The muezzin’s voice brought calmness to my soul

As I lined up next to my Dad.

I felt at peace and whole

And I was glad.


The Imam said “Allah hu Akbar”

And we started praying.

Standing together

We listened to prayers the Imam was saying.


After a while

I began playing.

Against Dad’s leg, I began leaning.


I listened with delight

To the Imam recite.

Then he took a break, or so it seemed

And we joined together in saying “ameen.”


As the Imam recited some more

My heart felt pure.

He put his hands on his knees,

And I did too,

Following the Imam felt like the right thing to do.


Then we stood up before we put our heads on the ground

And of course I had to look around.

I peeked in front, to my left and right

I peeked behind me at a bald man’s head so bright.


Everyone sat up and went back down;

By now I was up and running around.

I flew down the prayer line like an eagle

And stood in front of people like a beagle.


I danced, hopped and skipped too

I could have probably touched the roof if I wanted to.

I saw many men who looked at peace

And I saw some whose fidgeting wouldn’t cease.


One had a runny nose,

One had an itchy beard,

One kept looking at his watch,

One just looked weird.


I saw some kids playing

So I joined in too.

There were boys and girls,

And some ladies too.


One lady smiled at me;

She wore an orange scarf on her head.

She called me closer to her:

“Asalamu Alaykum” she said.


I saw a baby eating  a cookie

So I asked her how it was.

She said “it’s tasty” and gave me a bite –

and It tasted like love.


Then the lady with the orange scarf

Picked up the baby and patted my head.

So I started trotting back to Dad

To tell him about the fun I had.


My Dad was not hard to find

He’s really one of a kind.

He’s strong, wise and very kind.

I am blessed to have a Dad like mine.


The Imam raised his hands

And we did too

We prayed for well-being for everyone

And that includes you too!


Now it was time to leave

But first we had to find

Our shoes that we took off

Near the entrance sign.


I searched and scoured

But found myself confused,

Because there were too many shoes

From which to choose.


There were boots, dress shoes and slippers as well.

There were colorful sneakers that had a funky smell.

I was so frustrated I almost gave up my task,

When Dad found our shoes at last!


Then we went home

And Mom had made dinner.

It was so yummy in my tummy

I felt like a winner!


Then Mom fed us ice cream.

It was so sweet!

Dad said, “Remember Samy,

Heaven is beneath your mother’s feet .”


So I thanked Mom and Dad

For one of the best days I ever had.

I kissed them on their cheeks

And headed up to my room.


And while I was laying in bed

And thanking Allah for His gifts,

A big smile appeared on my face

As into happy dreams I slipped.


The End.


2 thoughts on “Samy Goes to the Masjid

  1. Beautifully written m’A.
    (ps.. there is a tiny typo in the last verse- it should perhaps read ‘in bed’) Wishiing you every success I’A

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