Pakistani Fashion by Junaid Jamshed


It’s the first time I’m ever recommending a product line on MeccaStars but rest assured that the product I am recommending is one you will be fully satisfied with.

If you know any Indian, Pakistani or Bengali people (basically anyone from South Asia) you may at some point have to attend an event such as a party or a function where people will be dressed in South Asian garb.  For men, that usually consists of an outfit called a shalwar kameez (loose pant and shirt).

Even if you don’t have a special occasion to attend, shalwar kameez are extremely comfortable as casual wear, to lounge around in on a lazy afternoon in the comfort of your own home.  I promise once you try on your first shalwar kameez, you will know what it means to be able to breathe again!

Shalwar Kameezes can range from casual to formal and everything in between.  I’ve also seen some people wear the top (a kameez) with jeans, and it doesn’t look bad.  Anyway, regardless of how you wear it – it always looks better when you wear something you know was made of high quality craftsmanship.

It’s for this reason that I recommend you try out Junaid Jamshed’s line of shalwar kameez.  It is well known that Pakistani tailors are some of the best in the world.  Many people in the fashion know go to Pakistan to get their clothes tailored by tailors who have grown up in families whose legacy has been crafting the best clothing money can buy.  Pakistan’s textile industry has always been a boon to its economy, and as a result Pakistan enjoys one of the most active and vibrant fashion industries in the world.  In Pakistan’s highly competitive fashion world, Junaid Jamshed has carved a distinct and reputable name for himself and his brand.  A former Pakistani rock star of the famous Vital Signs, Jamshed translated his passion in perfecting his musical craft into expert skills in clothing design.  His sense of aesthetics and practicality balance out nicely in his line of clothing for men.  Please check out Junaid Jamshed’s line of clothing, perfume and other items at  Thanks!

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