A Token of Appreciation


He gave him a buck

And said have a good day

His friend wished him luck

As they parted ways

Just then the breeze blew out of the West

And the world looked so beautiful

Like heaven had opened its treasure chest

And love was pouring out

In limitless supply

Like Allah was smiling on the world

And blessing them from on high

The sky was bluer

The foliage more verdant

The love was unspoken

Yet more evident

The birds prayed on them in their own tongue

Above the blue and yellow flowers adorning the street

Hope was rekindled and the world was young

Drunk with the nectar of humanity so sweet

Such a small gesture had elevated him higher

In his ears were sung praises of Allah by an angelic choir

Oh Saleem, poor slave of your desires

Isn’t that a small price to pay to raise you higher

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